Transcending Life’s Challenges

One week retreat with David Berry

Video of Retreat at 2012 Xo Ki’in

February 12th to 19th 2017

We react to the conditions we face.  Aware of it or not, our experiences and actions are influenced by conditioning from our responses to earlier circumstances.  One name for this cycle of trance-like reaction is Samsara.

Traditional Buddhist teachings, other spiritual traditions, gems from science and innovative means of Namgyal Rinpoche will be strung together as prayer beads giving you tools to use on your own, invoking transcendence, harmony and depth in your being.

The retreat is open, not silent, but with periods of silence of from a few hours up to a day.  Part of the wonder of this retreat will be what you bring to it.

David Berry studied with Namgyal Rinpoche, since 1971 and was ordained a few weeks before his teacher’s death in 2003.

Rinpoche helped people break free of stagnation to move toward the birthright of all beings: awakening and realization.

“The awakening process is happening within you despite your feeble attempts to thwart it.” Namgyal Rinpoche

David’s worked on national TV, and radio and at The White House Council on Environmental Quality. He spoke on spirituality at the Russian Academy of Science and co-founded the Prayer Vigil for the Earth on the National Mall in Washington DC.  He teaches Dharma in many countries.

Cost:  $685.00 USD room and meals – double occupancy Plus Dana for teaching.  Including a boat trip through the nature reserve and snorkeling

Work bursaries are available

David Berry Retreat

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