Daily Life is a Spiritual Practice with David Berry Feb 18th to 25th 2018

Daily Life is a Spiritual Practice 

of Transcendence Harmony and Depth.

One week retreat with David Berry

February 18-25, 2018

Video of Retreat at 2012 Xo Ki’in

This retreat supports you in directing your creative activity and in the emergance of your full capacity.

Christian Buddhist and other teachings and the beauty of nature provide tools to use on your own. Part of the wonder of this retreat is what you bring to it.  The path on which we find ourselves, whether we are aware of it or not, is our daily life from birth until we die. The week will be an interweaving of teaching, meditation, and awareness, especially awareness of the environment. There will be ample time for relaxing, exploring and quiet to incorporate and observe the shifting that is taking place within.

David Berry was ordained by Namgyal Rinpoche in 2003. Rinpoche said, “I am about helping people break out of stagnation so they can re-enter the flow of natural evolution and transcendence…The awakening process is happening within you despite your feeble attempts to thwart it.”

David authored, Gate in the Fence of Time and co-authored, Tales of Awakening. He has performed on TV and radio, and has worked at the White House on the Council for Environmental Quality, spoke at the Russian Academy of Science and co-founded the Prayer Vigil for the Earth on the National Mall in Washington.
Cost: $ 685.00 USD – room (double occupancy) and board . Plus Dana (a donation for teaching).
Includes a boat ride through the nature reserve and snorkeling. Bursuries available for those with limited funds.

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David Berry Retreat

6 Responses to Daily Life is a Spiritual Practice with David Berry Feb 18th to 25th 2018

  1. Adelino Morte says:

    Hello David
    I am interested to be in your program from February 14th to 28th 2015.
    In order to make plans for more time, like one or two more weeks before or after your program I would need more specific information, for staying and being occupied or touring some interesting points, please help with some suggestions.
    I would like to be involved in some kind of guidance but am not able to specify.
    In the meantime I am reading as much as I can. Cheers and Wishing the Best

    • Xo Ki'in says:

      Hi Adelino, David’s retreats this winter are Feb 22-28th in English with Spanish translation and Feb 28th to March 3 in Spanish. It would be wonderful to have you join us. As you can see from the site there are retreats before and after Davids. You may be interested in the one following Davids. There is a lot to do and see in the region for those who are interested in sustainability, archeology, geology, Mayan Culture or just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful environment. Would be happy to offer suggestions in any area. Anna

      • Adelino Morte says:

        Hello Anna
        At the end of a wonderful 6 weeks vacation in Portugal, I went to the funeral of my brother and assisted my aunt in the hospital after she was assaulted and robbed, arrived in Canada middle October I got sick after 2 weeks and lost my mobility, now that I am recovering, my decision is that, I need a break.
        My decision is to have this break in Xo Ki-in.
        For this I am working on details like, how to be in there on time for David’s program plus some time like 1, 2 or even 3 weeks before or after.
        As I do not know the country and have some concerns regarding safety, and also am interest in all activities you mentioned, more I am a kind of guy who likes to have everything well programed so I need all of your assistance on that regard. By the half of December I must have everything finished like flight, transportation from Can-Cun International Airport to cover the 200 Km to Xo ki-in.
        You know the place, so I leave it to you to give me some ideas and we will work together all details to make it a wonderful and most of all a very fruitful staying in Xo Ki-in.
        Bear in mind Anna that I am a very easygoing and flexible person. I am looking forward to hear from you soon.
        Adelino Morte

  2. Terri MacIsaac says:

    Hi David,
    Your cousin Cheryl Cossman is a friend of mine and she suggested that I contact you.
    Be going through a difficult time and looking to get away for some spiritual guidance and sunshine. Is there yoga at the retreat?

    Best regards,

  3. Pu-Chin Waide says:

    Looking forward to this ver much.

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