What is Dana?

Teachers give Dharma freely so that anyone, no matter their financial means can attend classes. Each time one receives teachings, it is an opportunity to consciously practice generosity. Giving money and other means of support expresses gratitude and support to the teacher and helps to ensure that these teachings continue.
Each person receiving Dharma teachings determines the amount of D?na according to one’s heart and one’s financial means. When deciding how much to offer, one should think about what these teachings mean to you and try to give accordingly. It is recommended that students make an offering of D?na at the beginning of a class or retreat to establish the intention to make the most of this opportunity for one’s own progression and for the benefit of all others.

Please book early as spaces are limited at Xo Ki’in.  All retreats include food and accommodation.  We do not provide transportation to the lodge but can co-ordinate rides with other participants.

If you would like more information about retreats or would like to organize a personal or group retreat please contact xokiin@yahoo.com, or call

USA : 512 487-7582 skype anna.lee.woods

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Xo Ki’in

To pay and register: click on the retreat at the side bar, scroll to paypal button and click.

4 Responses to Dana

  1. Dejuana Jones says:

    I am joining David in Cancun on February 11 for the February 9 tour – 2 days late. I would like to register and pay my fee.

  2. Dr. Josee labrosse says:

    Hi Anna,
    We are acquainted through Deborah McL. I am in the Mayan Penonsula, and wonderinng if Josef and I could come for a short visit. I have heard so many good things about your centre. We’re her til march 4 . Please let me know if ther is a convenient time. I realize you have retreats in progress.

  3. Claire Dubois says:

    Hi Anna,
    I would like to pay for the retreat with Lama Lhanang.
    How can I do?
    Claire Dubois

  4. Renee Lane says:

    I am interested in coming to your location from March 1-4th. I love in Puerto Morelos and am a friend of Mimi and Bill.They used to own a condo in our complex: Villas Silvia.

    What is available and what is the price. (for 1 person/ for two people?

    Please let me know.

    Renee Lane

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