Arts Retreat – Meditation, Movement and Mark-Making

At Xo Ki’in Retreat Center

with Artist Heather Rigby February 28th to March 6th, 2018

We all have a creative artist within us, whether realized or undiscovered. Here is an opportunity to relax in a unique environment where your creativity will deepen and unfold in a playful, supportive manner through movement, meditation and drawing.  When one reflects on the power of awareness and being mindful of ones daily actions, how often do we consider movement and the traces we create with our body in our daily life? Drawing (mark-making) serves as an intermediary tool for reflection from the outer to the inner life through tracking our dream-life, observations of ordinary phenomena and reflections on one’s meditative life.

Xo Ki’in ocean sunrise

Through the use of simple mark-making tools such as pencil, charcoal or coloured chalks to paper, this retreat will  awaken fluid energy connections in the body with the outer natural world and the inner levels of knowing. Pick up the challenge through drawing with mindful awareness to empower the vast potential hidden in your own exploration of the marks you make through drawing.

  1. Inner visualization exercises will be translated easily onto paper in colour
  2. Documenting ones visual experiences of the natural world through rapid sketching techniques 
  3. Symbols from ones dream-life drawn onto paper with the “other” hand and, playful drawing with coloured pastels to identify the subtle energy vibrations of the chakras will all be investigated

Your drawings will serve as a reference tool for an ongoing discovery of meaning using a variety of meditation techniques with Qigong and breathing exercises as support. Plenty of free time each day of the retreat will enhance your process.

Heather Rigby M.F.A. is an environmental artist, educator and currently on the Executive Board of the environmental organization, Land Over Landings. In 1966 she had the good fortune to meet her Root Teacher the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche which began a lifelong exploration of both eastern and western spiritual practices. In 1968 Heather received initiation with the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche into the Karma Kargyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism by His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa in Sikhim. In 1974-1975 she studied with Nanrei Kabori Sensei at Dai-towku ji Monastary in Kyoto, Japan. Her commitment to meditation and movement include Ati Yoga, QiGong and Feldenkrais. Her art practice includes exhibitions in galleries and farmers fields. museums and IT companies. Her home and studio are located North of Toronto in Claremont ON. website:

Cost of $685.00 includes accommodation (double occupancy) all meals at Xo Ki’in, a boat tour with snorkeling (weather permitting). click on the paypal button to reserve and pay for your retreat.  Dana (donations) will be collected for the teaching.

Materials to bring: a pad of pastel paper and/or, a black drawing book, a box of pastels. a stick of charcoal and a variety of B Pencils.

Retreat with Heather Rigby $685.00