Meditation on the Beach with Gisele

Febuary 8 to 15, 2018

 One-week of meditation and reflection in Mexico with Gisele Gilfillan.

A gentle introduction for beginning meditators.  For experienced meditators the surrounding sun, sea and sand will add  enjoyment and give another dimension to your  practice.

Seldom do we give ourselves time to be still. Perhaps this winter is the time for still. This retreat will be a dedicated time and space to unplug, to quiet our inner chatter, to loosen the body, and to settle into an inner explorations. We will learn a basic meditation practice, enjoy silence, and consider what key principles guide our decisions (consciously or not) and what holds us back. Examining what may need clearing from our system can often free up space and energy inside us. There can then be a greater opening to life, creativity and peace.

All parts of “mind-body-spirit work” are equally important – we will explore, question, reflect –IMG_4916.jpg and we will play in the sun. The pleasure of our week together will be to nurture the whole of ourselves. and in this we will find rest. Our reflection will centre on the significance and benefit of reaching the quiet, calm internal wisdom we all embody, and we will explore some tools to help us  in the ongoing practice of that deepening. Some gentle yoga poses may be included in order to support the body in meditation.

The texture and depth of life is what I find so fascinating.  The well of love that sustains life is so very profound and powerful that it is infinitely worthy of our mindful attention”.

Gisele is a life student, communicator, teacher and retired minister.  For twelve years she served as clergy within the United Church of Canada. “Ministry has facilitated a deep life. It has been thoroughly absorbing and enriching”. In addition, Gisele’s spiritual inquiry has led her to study under Namgyal Rinpoche and, in the same lineage, with Sensei Doug Duncan exploring eastern mystic traditions and practices, notably Buddhist, and how they intersect with western spirituality. Attending retreats and teachings over the last fifteen years, most recently with Lama Lhanang and Lama Lodro, has surfaced new ways of understanding life, self and other, and has also reframed some of the practices she has known in  other traditions

During this retreat, Anna will be our host. She will shelter and feed us. Included in the fee is a trip to a nearby bird sanctuary & snorkeling for those who would like to frolic and explore. This playtime together, the warm sun, the good food lovingly prepared, and the ocean itself will offer the balance we seek.  A gentle combination of rest and reflection on the beach – midwinter …mmmm …. is this the right time for you?

(The mid-week timing of this retreat is to facilitate less expensive airfares.)

I would also recommend arriving Cancun early morning to allow travel time to Xo Ki’in or the day before the retreat. For more info. email: or

Cost:  $685.00 USD room and meals – double occupancy Plus Dana for teaching.  Including a boat trip through the nature reserve and snorkeling weather permitting.

Work bursaries available

Retreat with Gisele Febuary 8 to 15, 2018

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