2017 pic highlights

Xo Ki’in Retreat Center just finished the winter/spring 2016 season. A number of our teachers, , David Berry, Gisele Gilfillan, Lama Lena, Abrah Arenson and Floridelma will be returning next year. There will be new programs with  New courses and returning teachers  announced as they are confirmed.

Here are some photos to remind you of the beauty of Xo Ki’in. For more photos visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/XoKiinRetreats



If you would like to organize a course or participate in a personal retreat contact: Xokiin@yahoo.com

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  1. Chris Chabot says:

    Hello, I would be interested in the retreat that Abrah is attending in january or february. Could you send me some info on rhat? That you ery much,

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